The Father's Heart

His love

Posted by  Andrew on August 31, 2022

Coming from a life of drugs and alcohol, my relationship with my father was very difficult. Every time I would want to talk about something he would say "We'll talk about it later" and later never came. When my dad shared that, I began to believe the lie that I needed to survive that I couldn't open up and that I didn't have a voice. I began to see God as my dad treated me. With no voice. One day in 2006 I said, "Jesus if you don't come in, I'm dead" And He came in. Through Holy Spirit, the Father began to break down the barriers I had around my heart and began to show me a love I've never experienced before. God gave me the grace to forgive my dad and He began to show me that His love far surpasses any love my dad could ever give. He healed my father wounds. I want you to know no matter where you've been, no matter what you've done, no matter who your parents are, or how they have treated you, you are loved. 

You're a Son

You're a Daughter

He's proud of you and He wants to heal you

Come home to daddy (Abba) 

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