Upcoming tours:

Love Fest (Ontario)- February 2024

Saskatchewan -2024

New Brunswick - 2024

Join us to experience God move
Kingdom Fire

Come encounter the fire of Jesus as we preach the power of the Gospel we expect God to move in miracles. Harry Paul from the Toronto Area and Andrew O'Connell from Victoria, will be preaching and releasing the Spirit of Revival. When you attend, our vision is that you catch the fire and take it home to your home, your family, and your city. Being ignited to share the Gospel and see the fire in your own lives through obedience.
Come join us and invite others who are looking for a miracle.
Starting Friday, January 5th from 7pm-10pm
Saturday 10am activation/outreach and then 7pm service
Sunday 7pm service

British Columbia events:  Friday night revivals   For more information please e-mail:

In February 2024, we went to Ontario to network, equip, and release the Spirit of revival. And did God show up. We got connected to different churches and built great relationships with them. Sunday the 11th, Andrew preached in front of 250+ people and taught on the lifestyle of evangelism and taught how to share the Gospel and lead someone to Jesus. We then went to the streets with 37 people and saw 7 salvations, 47 Gospel shares, 47 people prayed for, and 4 healings. Won't the Lord do it? 

We went and trained other churches, got to preach in different locations and overall experience the presence of the Lord and saw Him move. 

During this tour we saw 19 salvations and hundreds equipped to share Jesus. And the ministry connections that were made are going to continue to expand the Kingdom of Heaven together.